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Landscaping Supplies

Bulk Supplies

  • Mulch: bark and mini-bark, gorilla hair, cedar, playground fiber
  • Sand
  • Rock: drain rock, base rock, fill rock
  • Compost: mushroom, green waste compost, top soil
  • Baseball diamond mix
  • River cobble, lava rock, white dolomite rock. These materials range from 3/8” to 6” in diameter

Recycled Products

  • Greenwaste compost: Recycled yard waste makes great compost and helps the environment! Great soil amendment
  • Base rock (crushed concrete/asphalt): Recycled and crushed from old construction material and recycled into a road base. Great for nurseries, under garage or driveway slabs, horse paddocks, dirt roads, etc.
  • Plastic bender board

The three photos below (left) show what we do with old concrete…we recylce it! It’s progressively crushed into smaller and smaller pieces until its perfectly suited for fill dirt and other uses. It stays out of the landfill and is put back to work!